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Ear wax removal near me (Blackburn & surrounding areas)

Ear wax removal offered in Blackburn and surrounding areas. We are qualified Audiologists trained to safely remove ear wax from your ears or any foreign object. Micro suction is used to remove ear wax. Micro suction is used more commonly in the NHS, especially within ENT and is supported by the NICE guidelines. It is highly important to use a professional for earwax removal to avoid long term damage. Hearagain Earcare offers professional ear wax removal services across a large area.
Why choose Hearagain Earcare for ear wax removal?
  • We offer short waiting times / same day appointments (for those who have used ear drops)
  • Ear wax removal home visits Blackburn & across Lancashire
  • Ear wax removal clinic based in Blackburn
  • We treat children / adults
  • Foreign body removal in children and adults
  • We have over 20 years’ experience working in the NHS and privately
  • Training completed with the hearing lab
  • Registered with HCPC and fully insured
  • Currently still working with ENT providing hearing assessments and Micro suction earwax removal.
Professional Earwax removal Blackburn
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